Dementia Care Research Summit

Whilst most publicity for dementia focuses on the search for a cure, a new summit on 12 Feb 2020 has been called to look at research into better dementia care. This webinar features some well-known researchers in the field of dementia care from around the UK. With luck and strong support this may turn into an annual event.

You can register here for the live stream:

Welcome to Autumn Gold Education

Autumn Gold Education works for better dementia care and support for family members and care workers.

Our vision is to transform dementia care. We want people living with dementia to feel in charge of their lives, wherever they are. To achieve well-being for people with dementia we need to provide better support for those who care for them, whether paid or unpaid.

Try to avoid direct questions, which can alarm us or make us feel very uncomfortable. Questions also make us feel pressured for the immediacy we have lost… Observing us will be the key to knowing what we are saying to you. Most of our communication is non-verbal.

Christine Bryden, Dancing With Dementia (2005)

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